Friday, July 28, 2006


I finally pulled the plug. *dramatic pause* Why? Well, the blog all along was on a life support system, occasionally waking up from its coma. This week, I guess, it breathed its last gasps of air before calling it quits. Now it's dead. Buried six feet under. It's in a happy place now... somewhere in the heavenly realms of cyberspace, out of reach, out of sight. RIP.

... dot dot dot ...

I can't believe I just sprouted some nonsense trying to personify my blog. Anyway, I think this space has become too public for my own good. It's difficult to share from the heart when there is self-censorship.

So, goodbye. Farewell, whoever it is that still checks my blog. I appreciate your support and comments, and even interest in my simple and unhappening life.